Silk Flower Rentals for Weddings and Events


Pieces Available to Rent

(1) 18” Bridal Bouquet | Regularly $175  

Rents for $52.50

(10) 10” Bridesmaids Bouquets | Regularly $85/e  

Rents for $25.50/e

(20) Magnetic Boutonnieres | Regularly $15/e  

Rents for $4.50/e

(10) Corsages | Regularly $30/e  

Rents for $9/e

(9) 10” Centerpieces | Regularly $105/e  

Rents for $31.50/e

(6) 14” Centerpieces | Regularly $145/e  

Rents for $43.50/e

(12) 6’ Floral Garlands | Regularly $75e  

Rents for $22.50/e

(1) 5.5’x8’ Fully Decorated Arch   | Regularly $750  

Rents for $225 (Redlands Area Only)

The Benefits of Renting our Blooms

This rental program is perfect for the bride who desires an uber-lush look of natural, wild, bespoke florals in the full spectrum of crisp and bright white to the deepest and warmest of ivory. We mixed in an abundance of varied foliage and accents to bring out a lot of texture and dimension in this fully coordinating set of blooming pieces. 

This neutral color spectrum is perfect for a range of styles and feels of weddings and goes a long way for decorating around all seasons. 

Faux florals are durable and easily reusable, which is why renting these pretty posers seems like a brilliant route to go for some brides! 

Why toss fresh florals (and money) away, when you can simply borrow, save some money, and still have an impressive look with your blooms when you rent with us!

Receiving Our Rentals

We ship our rentals within the continental USA to arrive approximately two (2) days before your event date thru FedEx with Signature Confirmation. 

Your rentals are ready-made and simply able to be unpacked and ready to decorate your wedding party, pretty tables, and more! 

We provide a pre-paid return shipping label that is valid for 2 days post-event date. Your rentals can be shipped from any FedEx location, but is only valid for your surrounding area, as it simply is the same cost it took to arrive to you.

*Keep the box(es) and packing materials somewhere safe, as you will need to ship your rentals back to us safely. Plus, that is how we accurately provide the pre-paid return shipping label, based on weight and dimensions.

Rental Insurance

We surely hope that nothing bad happens, but if it does, we offer insurance for an additional 20% of the rental item(s) total. 

If any of the items are shipped back to us broken or damaged, then you’ll be golden, not charged a penny more, and we’ll fix it back up pretty for the next renter. 

However, if a piece is actually lost, then you are responsible for that item at the regular price, as we wouldn’t have anything to fix or rent to another bride later on. 

If you opt out of our rental insurance and a piece comes back to us broken, damaged, or lost…the full value of the regular price of the item will be charged, no exceptions.


Securing Your Rentals

We require a non-refundable 50% deposit of your rental cost to secure your desired rental period. Two weeks prior to your event, the full, regular price of your rental item(s) will be due, as that is the incentive for you to send the items back to us and not just keep them at a super-hot price! Once the items are returned to us, then we refund you 70%, as that would equal the “rental cost”. Below is a quick example:

Rental List:

(1) 18” Bridal Bouquet | Regularly $175  

Rents for $52.50

(3) 10” Bridesmaids Bouquets | Regularly $85/e  

Rents for $25.50/e

(4) Magnetic Boutonnieres | Regularly $15/e  

Rents for $4.50/e

  • Rental Total | $147 (Rental Cost)
  • Deposit | $73.50 (50% of the Rental Cost)
  • Due Two Weeks Prior | $490 (Regular Cost of Items) - $73.50 (Deposit) = $416.50
  • Upon Receiving Rentals Back | We Refund $343.  $490 (Regular Cost of Items) – $147 (Rental Costs) = $343

…bringing you back to only being charged the rental cost of $147.

*Remember, if you decided to purchase our insurance, then we would keep an extra 20% of your rental price. Which, in this case, would be $29.40 ($147 x 20% = $29.40).

Customizing Our Rentals

We get asked if we can customize our rental sets. But, unfortunately, we do not offer that option at this time. 

The rental set that we currently have available are sent to you just as pictured below. We do not add in other hues of flowers, make them lusher or more petite, or even make the slightest changes that may be requested.

If you want something custom designed, then we would welcome you to explore the route of a custom set being designed especially for you, based off pretty pictures you provide us to design after, just like a fresh florist typically does!