Silk Flower Rentals for Weddings and Events

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Artificial Flower Rentals for the Home, Corporate and Office

Impressive Floral Rentals

Rental Availability

We will be launching our flower rentals starting November 2017!  We currently rent our pretty blooms for 1 week - 3 month durations.

Beautiful Choices

Our arrangements are eclectic, tastefully designed, and make a statement.  We regularly are designing pretty pieces.  Please contact too find out what we currently have available to rent to you!

Membership Program

We offer rental memberships for homes, corporations and offices.  Our clients will receive price-breaks for weekly (local clients only), monthly and seasonal commitments starting for as little as six-months.

Current Promotion

Sign-up by end of January 2018 with our membership program to receive 20% off!

Referral Rewards

Refer a new client to our membership program and receive a petite arrangement as a thank you from us!  This little arrangement is perfect for office desks or bedside dressers!

Rental Benefits

Artificial flowers are durable, do not wilt, require no watering and look vibrant throughout your rental period.  Fresh flowers are pretty, but require tender-loving care and can be quite expensive.  Accent your space with our artificial blooms today!