Post-Order Incentives

Incentive Details


Posting a Review to ALL Platforms

Incentive | $50 Starbucks Gift Card 

We know it takes a couple minutes out of your day, so we want to give you an incentive to leave us a review on ALL the platforms brides find us by. Your review helps future clients see the quality of service we provide and help our small shop gain credibility within the large online community. Growing exposure on these platforms is especially important in the competitive wedding industry, where other brides may find us!  

We will be randomly selecting a client who posts their review to ALL of the below listed platforms on Christmas Eve 2019 to win a $50 Starbucks gift card!  A simple copy & paste is totally acceptable!  Just message us when you've done this and we will add you to our list!

1. Facebook

2. Wedding Wire 

3. Yelp

4. The Knot

5. Etsy (if applicable)

link found directly under your purchase with us


Refer a Friend

Incentive | $30 Starbucks Gift Card

Referrals are the greatest compliment to us here at our shop, because that means we impressed you enough to positively share your experience and convince your friend that faux florals with The Faux Bouquets is the best way to order!

For each and every friend who places an order of $300+ with us by August 2019, you will earn a $30 Starbucks gift card as a thank you for your referral(s)!  For the months of September 2019 and later, a new referral incentive will be posted.  

Whenever your friend reaches out to us, you must make sure your friend mentions your name before placing their order, as that's the only way to connect them and you of course!

Photo Contest

Send Us Professional Shots


We absolutely love to see what your professional photographer captured, showcasing the faux florals we designed special for you!  

We welcome these pretty pics emailed to us at where we can easily save them and later share them on our website and various social media platforms for others to swoon over!

Photo Contest Details


Send us your professional photos to be entered into our Instagram Photo Contest that we host a few times a year.  

We will post our two favorites for each of the categories below to our Instagram account @thefauxbouquets where the most  "likes" determine the final winner for each category!

- Categories -

1.  Bride or Couple 

We are looking for a beautiful bridal portrait showing off the bouquet (and perhaps bout) we designed for you!

2.  Wedding Party 

With this shot, we're looking for a group pic of everyone using our blooms.  Basically, a multi-person photograph!

3.  Florals Alone 

This pic should ideally not have people, and rather focus on the faux florals in action.  We love seeing these stylized pics your photographer captured!

What You Can Win


For the three (3) categories in our Instagram Photo Contest, you can win a $20 Starbucks gift card or a $40 Gift Certificate to shop with us, your choice!  

Finalists will be posted on our Instagram on September 24!

(You can win in multiple categories if your photo is a finalist in multiple categories.)